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Blue people are stupid because…

Blue people are stupid because…

One BIG problem with being any Color is that people of other Colors consider us wanting, less than perfect, and possibly stupid. I will talk about being a “stupid Blue person” in this blog entry.


I remember being called stupid when I defended ancient religions for building ginormously expensive, artful religious buildings. Gold people insisted the expense of building cathedrals and temples in the face of mass poverty was “stupid” for draining treasuries that could have supported both government and society in general. Green folks saw the stupidity in the face of lesser attention being paid to scientific innovation and overall infrastructure such as sewers and roads. Orange folks actually liked the buildings because of the intense artistic expression.


Many Blue people love the spiritual effect of the massive buildings that lift both eyes and spirits upward. To Blues, there are pathways far more fulfilling, uplifting, and soul-satisfying than day-to-day labors and challenges. Scratch a Blue person and they will often admit they prefer spirituality over fixing a water spout. What better than columns, statues, artwork, colors, mystery-bearing colored glass, whiffs of exotic incense, the magic of flickering candles, the sounds of chants echoing through chambers, the tinkling of bells large and small, the offering of gifts – whether prayers, money, or agricultural goods.


Today, you can read headlines every day about people who protest art projects, or the expense of a building that costs a few more dollars because someone wants an arched passageway instead of a metal security door. Have you noticed that nearly all public schools are designed to replicate windowless prisons – with zero landscaping and purely utilitarian signage. To Blue people, the message is nothing less than that of a soulless culture, a “stupid” culture. Are Blue people stupid for insisting on harmony and beauty over the simply practical?


So are we Blue people stupid? Not practical? Having no appreciation for the value of money? Unrealistic? Heads in the clouds? Ah, but we don’t think so. So – the rest of you, of OTHER Colors – what would your world be like without the Blue humans? Are YOU stupid for not appreciating us?