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Orange people are stupid because…

Orange people are stupid because…

One BIG problem with being any Color is that people of other Colors consider us wanting, less than perfect, and possibly stupid. I will talk about being a “stupid Orange person” in this blog entry.


I’ve already called ALL THREE other Colors stupid and saved Orange for last because, well, I have a hard time calling my Orange brethren “stupid.” The problem is that I’m one of those guys that wants to be reborn Orange. You guys have all the fun. You are usually not klutzy, You are skillful physically, daring, and victorious so much of the time. If you’re a guy, you get the girl – and vice-versa. Oranges, it’s tough following your act.


Yes, the other Colors find you hard to deal with. Blues think you cause too much conflict. Golds can judge you to be totally irresponsible. Greens believe you can’t think beyond what’s directly in front of you. But do we think you’re “stupid”? Now that’s hard – because above all else you Oranges tend to be cool. And being cool doesn’t go with “stupid,” now does it!


What we can probably all agree on is that rudeness is not uncommon for Oranges – and frequent rude impolite and insolent behavior can really, really look “stupid.” Rudeness from teenagers is to be expected, but from adults? It’s very hard to understand.


Ironically, you might not even think you’re being rude. You tell it like it is. You’ll say something like, “Was it you who recorded this CD? Oh, really? I don’t like it. I’d be embarrassed to put my name on it. If it were mine, I’d throw it away.” If called on this, you respond, “I’m just being straightforward and honest, so what’s your problem? You asked for my opinion and I gave it to you.”


Glad you asked. Our “problem” may sound like this, especially if you tend to be “straightforward and honest” day after day – with no letup. Blues will steer you away from people who require a diplomatic approach, or they may begin to avoid you altogether. Golds will feel their work is being disrespected and may even conclude that you put very little thought into your own work. Greens might actually use the word “stupid” to your face because your continual hasty negative responses will seem thoughtless, naïve, and non-productive.


So what to do? For us other Colors, we are blessed to get honest feedback and should be thankful rather than offended. On the other hand, if the Orange judgment seems hasty, thoughtless, and rude – well, then, we ought to speak up and ask for thoughtful information. Oranges are usually not offended when you want to have an honest discussion or even an energetic debate. The result can be surprising.


As for you Orange folks, well, take a look around. Are you finding more rejection now than ever before? Does it look like people are less and less likely to approach you? The solution is simple enough. Understand what the needs and values are of the other Colors. As an Orange, you are utilitarian by nature – you go for what WORKS! Find what works for your colleagues, friends, and family – then alter your behavior to get what you want. You’ll be surprised how a few changes in tone, language, and behavior will get you back in the fold sooner than you think!