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Facebook Ruins Careers (or MAKES them!)

Facebook Ruins Careers (or MAKES them!)

I think most people “lose Face” on Facebook by being unappealing. You don’t have to pose naked there to lose a job interview.

I’ve long suspected somebody in the company you want to work for will Google your name the minute you look interesting in a resume…and you can be sure Facebook has got to be a very first reference to click on.

Why, you ask? Well right off the bat, Facebook answers the “do I like them” question almost immediately.

So the other day I was wondering how I look on Facebook?

Green job screeners want to learn what I know. Therefore, what information am I imparting, what my opinions are about big issues, what organizations do I flaunt, and who am I hanging with?

Gold people want to know if I demonstrate respect for my friends, my current employer, my family — and even the government. What groups have I become an active and supportive member of?

Orange interviewers are looking for tactical thinking, and something fun like taking interesting risks, playing sports, going out dancing, going fishing and camping, and having a sense of humor. (I am such a non-sports person that I expect my “unique”  humor and nights out at concerts to qualify me as “fun” enough.)

Blue people want a potential friend and warm colleague. They are looking for people I help, causes I support, warm approachability, kindness, pleasurable conversation — in a word, time for others.

People who Google my name might cringe to learn I play an accordion pretty well. Cringe? Wait, wait, guys – a very large segment of smart techies and top managers grew up with an accordion. Remember those “geek” guys? Well, let’s put it this way – you might recall a bumper sticker that said, “Be nice to geeks. You’ll probably work for one some day.” The accordion is AN ASSET!!!

Anyway, Facebook is an asset or a liability for a career. I think it’s the perfect place to envision and position oneself as already successful and centered and interesting – and as a potential employee who is much more appealing than frightening.