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Mad Men on AMC Portrays Archtypical Creative Personalities

Mad Men on AMC Portrays Archtypical Creative Personalities

Are you a fan of the Mad Men series on AMC? What will compel you are their personality types.


DON – Makes sense of chaos like no other. Introverted Green-Orange (Rational Architect)?


BETTY – Is perfectly utilitarian and concrete with few soft edges. Introverted Orange-Green (Artisan Crafter)?

PEGGY – Takes on sex, drugs, and the glass ceiling like they were still part of a school curriculum… Answers the question: How does a highly intelligent Gold person (Guardian) act when she decides to operate out of the box?  Introverted Gold-Green (Guardian Inspector)?


JOAN – Solves problems and smoothly handles all kinds of people — like a magician.  Extraverted Orange-Blue (Artisan Performer)?

PETE – Like a young Nixon, having tragic need to be the boss, to have right answers, to make change, to have others conform; no friends, lots of enemies.  Extraverted Gold-Green (Guardian-Supervisor)?


ROGER – Can only respond to what is directly in front of him — smart and foolish.  Extraverted Orange-Green (Artisan Promoter)? 


Mad Men, as you know, is about people in advertising. So it’s no surprise that the firm is cram-packed with creative Green and Orange personalities. And it’s no surprise that the people who distract us from the dynamism of endless idea craziness are two people of one personality type with natures a bit alien to the advertising industry. Gold Peggy seeks respect for her place in the hierarchy and for her gender; she even demands participation in the boys’ sinful pleasures, although sinful pleasures are often uncomfortable and conflicting to her Gold nature. Gold Pete would like to be respected for his natural administrative skills, but the silver spoon that purchased his position in the company and his overly judgmental nature continuously sabotage any effort for him to get real respect from his colleagues.


In the real world of advertising, Peggy and Pete could eventually be eaten for lunch or come to some kind of tragic end. Don, Betty, Joan, and Roger are Schmoos – they will end up standing up no matter how many times you hit them. If people try to get rid of them, they won’t disappear gently.