Seminar on August 11 – FEW SEATS LEFT!

Seminar on August 11 – FEW SEATS LEFT!

I rarely put on a public seminar because it’s easier to book three in-house workshops for $3000 a pop than to entice a single individual to show up for a bargain-basement forty-nine-dollar seminar – which delivers the very same high-quality service as the three-thousand-dollar program.


Curious? Well then, check out the invitation to True Colors, The Most Useful Workshop You Will Ever Attend! Just a few seats left.


Here’s the link:


When you understand your own temperament and other people’s temperaments, you become a free human being. Other people don’t bug you so much. You stop feeling guilty about your so-called weaknesses. Everybody in the room learns how to communicate better than ever. You figure out really quickly how to divvy up tasks on your team. You reduce conflict as if someone opened a window and let all the negative stuff go out, just as though a balloon had been popped. Stress, too, gets relieved.


How many seminars have you attended that do THAT??? Yes, I promise that this True Colors workshop really is “the most useful workshop you will ever attend.”





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