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Fitness for Blue People

Fitness for Blue People

Most of my Blue friends who happen to be wiry and fit tend to be ascetics. Inge, for example, eats only veggies, teaches yoga, and sees herself as a teacher and healer. I know it’s her spiritual discipline that drives her. Everybody else in the family tends to be obese.

Elizabeth is more of a mainstream person raising three daughters. Because she feels she made too many bad choices as a teenager, her life goal is to be a role model for her children in a thousand ways, including diet and fitness.

Governor Jerry Brown of California, called “Governor Moonbeam” by his detractors, appears to be an ascetic altruist – an atypical politician. Non-pleasure-seeking by nature, this Blue leader has looked fit in all eras of his career. Brown is all about ideas and would probably say, if you asked him, that he doesn’t want his body to get in the way of his mission.

Now I am Blue but have struggled with fitness issues all my life. I belong to a very large group of Blue “types” who have tons of friends who love to get together, especially to share food. You add the tendency to never say “no” out of fear of hurting people’s feelings and you get a recipe for life-long chubbiness. Groan.

Compound the dietary challenges for Blue folks with emotions. More emotional than the other three temperaments, Blues can be poster children for “emotional eating.” We eat when we’re happy, when we’re sad, when we celebrate, and even when our worlds crash in on us. High or low in self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence – it’s doesn’t matter. We eat.And that’s not all. Blues do not like taking decisive action. Blue people are often too satisfied with the simple “idea” of something – to the point that decisive action rarely seems as exciting as seeking pathways in the head.

So let me tell you about Martha. There is hope for us all. Back in college, she was svelte and petite. In a Facebook photo 18 months ago, Martha sported double the body on that still very small frame. Today she is only about five pounds over her younger woman’s weight.

You guessed it. Martha is Blue. She’s a cook who feeds a large family and dozens of friends every single day. She had no idea now to say “no.” She used to overcommit and leave half her projects unfinished. She always wore her emotions on her sleeve – happy or miserable, you heard about it at the same decibel levels. And food stood permanently in arms’ reach for purposes of celebration or self-medication.

So how did she lose the 50 pounds? Here’s her report:

Step One. She leveraged her most natural tendency. She loves to be part of groups of people, so she joined a group dedicated to fitness. The members represented all four Colors – Blue, Green, Gold, and Orange. She insisted on this kind of temperament diversity so that she would not be stuck with a crowd that might lack food discipline and decisiveness.

Step Two. Martha wrote down who she wanted to be as a slim person. A true fitness program is a long slog – no matter how you slice it – so the end product needed to be important enough to make the sacrifices every day for a year or more. She affirmed that her main purpose in life was to keep improving herself and helping others be the best that they could be too. For this, she needed to be and feel attractive, to have high energy all the time, and to depend on a body that supported all her endeavors instead of dragging her down. Here image of herself became a slim, light, lighthearted, easy-moving, pretty, and effectively persuasive woman whose work changed people’s lives – hers and others’. She would meditate on this image every morning and every evening. And she would journal about it.

Step Three. She took control of her environment. Martha’s world was filled with limitless food and friends and family who loved to eat. In her circle, there were no athletes, dancers, or “healthnuts” of any kind. Other people could not be expected to change, so she had to set up her own limits and try to enlist everyone else to support her. In short, she announced that only she would influence what went into her own mouth and she expected all her loved ones to back her up – especially not tempt her or make fun of her. Most importantly, she learned to turn the word “no” into a positive statement – always with a smile on her face and an honest reason behind it. What a breakthrough for a Blue!

Step Four. She found exercise-loving friends. In a neighborhood devoid of fitness freaks, Martha sought them out. She joined a gym and the group classes they offered. She started going to the park and seeking out tennis partners. At work, she got on the wellness committee and joined colleagues for lunchtime walks. Although she was leery about yoga, she took a class and enjoyed it more than expected because she felt so welcome there long before she got skinny or genuinely flexible. And what worked best for her was to join an online competition where she had to weigh in every Saturday. The community on the internet gave her friends, free advice, support and – most importantly – the energy of competition that you never get working alone. Today she still walks around with a digital pedometer whose results appear on her iPad and iPhone to remind her to stay on track.

To end this article the way I did the last two weeks, it’s important to point out that the secret to success might be to borrow from the natural weight-loss tactics of Colors other than your own. You can leverage your own Color’s strengths, but suffer from innate weaknesses, e.g., a Blue giving into a foodie crowd, being less decisive, etc. As you see above, Martha sought out other Colors for inspiration and guidance. She got competitive like the Oranges. She used high-tech stuff as Greens would. She changed the logistics of her home as Golds do. And of course she leveraged the best of being Blue: joining groups, journaling, finding pathways, helping others, and so much more.

Fitness for Green People

Fitness for Green People

My friend Alex carries a Fitbit on his belt – a digital device with wifi. A year ago, Alex shot up with insulin before every meal, took meds for cholesterol and high blood pressure, and seemed to be severely depressed – like all the time! Today, he is 90 pounds lighter with no high blood pressure or diabetes. He believes that using the Fitbit saved his life.

Every day the device counts steps walked, stairs climbed, miles covered, and calories burned. Fitbit also monitors sleep patterns, the hours slept, and even the calories burned overnight.  The wifi feature shows him results on remote computers and even lets him share results with fellow fitbitters. How about THEM apples!

I own and use one of those geeky tools myself and aim daily to walk 10,000 steps, climb at least 10 floors, burn 2400 calories, and sleep 7 or 8 hours.

This article is not an advertisement for Fitbit. The aim, instead, is to illustrate Green thinking when it comes to taking on challenges like losing weight and getting fit.

Greens ask what works. Then they want to know what the smartest systems and tools are to get good results. They do the required research. It’s possible they will adopt a proven system, but it’s more likely they will custom-design a system that seems to work best for them.

Efficiency and practically rule for Greens. For example, the $100 tab to buy a Fitbit turns out to be cheap compared to wasted hours self-monitoring with forms, pen, pencil, etc.  A Green will find a way to stand up to work at a computer rather than sit, and may even purchase one of those new desks that have treadmills where chairs used to be.  For people who care most about competence and knowledge, our Green friends rely first on science and technology.

Successful fitness is intimately tied to who you are. For Greens, “who they are” is often linked directly to protecting the brain with a fiercely healthy body that oozes high energy and rarely gets sleepy. Even the fitness program itself must fulfill Green requirements for the efficient use of time and resources. Many of us multitask while exercising, but Greens can take it to extraordinary levels: listening to books and lectures on an iPod, entering data and ideas while on a treadmill, reading, practicing presentations, figuring out difficult math problems, or even engaging in mindfulness exercises about body functioning and mind control.

If we have not been successful with our own fitness programs in the past, maybe it’s time to try to get fit by borrowing ideas from the other Colors. I know it’s true for me (a Blue). The Green approach makes perfect sense to me and has been a key factor in getting me closer to optimal health. Both Green and Orange thinking work for me. So what about you? What have you not tried before that might work for you now?

You Get Fired Because They Don’t Like You

You Get Fired Because They Don’t Like You

“You get hired because they like you, and fired because they don’t.” Have you heard that before? You can read all the books about personnel practices till the cows come home, but the truth is that likeable people probably trump difficult folks most of the time.
Think about it. Between two average employees, all things being equal, the annoying person will get fired first.
And it’s not hard to end up being labeled as “an annoying person.” For example, an overly spontaneous, lighthearted Orange accountant can be driving the fastidious Gold folk nuts. The Gold accountants can be so focused on keeping their Excel sheets perfect that they see Orange flippancy and breeziness as a threat to order in the office – never mind that the Orange work output itself may be measurably perfect.
So what to do? Long before we would face something as drastic as a layoff, we all might want to monitor how we are being perceived by others. Being an appealing person pays off in raises, opportunities, and even the best parties, wouldn’t you say? To get back to the example above of the overly-lighthearted Orange accountant, he can probably learn to separate office behavior from off-the-clock behavior. He needs to be himself, of course, but also find out what behaviors get the best results for himself and for the team. Ironically Golds and Oranges speak similar “concrete” languages, but Golds definitely want to hear the language that best adheres to social norms. Sometimes a “behavior adjustment” is only a matter of small adjustments and can be more comfortable than expected. Besides, every Orange person soon knows who his allies are in the workplace and who he can let his hair down with – both on and off the clock, right?
So the lesson here is that just a little behavior monitoring every day can pretty much guarantee you a warm spot in the hearts of hirers and firers when times get tough.

Green and Blue Personality Types on YouTube

Green and Blue Personality Types on YouTube

Three Greens and One Blue on YouTube

How You Can Figure Out Colors Without a Survey


Greens and Blues have one thing in common. They live in their heads. Processing ideas is THEM. The Greens, however, are the “Thinkers” while the Blues are the “Feelers” – in Myers-Briggs terminology.

How to tell them apart can be found in their body language and speech.

Click on the YouTube link below and watch our current Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the only Blue, speaking on Meet the Press at the same table as three Greens: Newt Gingrich, Al Sharpton, and the moderator David Gregory. 

Here is a summary of what to look for:

GREENS:  Newt Gingrich, Al Sharpton, and Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory

·         Drawing starkly clear pictures with hands – pointing, chopping, framing

·         Matter-of-fact delivery

·         Well referenced big-picture orientations

·         Referencing knowledgeable sources, leaders

·         Breaking answers into categories and examples

BLUE:  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

·         Soft, open-handed ( imploring) gestures with hands, very little jerking or chopping

·         Pleasant, smiling, soft delivery

·         Idealistic big picture

·         Referencing universal people and their interactions

·         Speaking in sweeping rather than finely-drawn scenarios

Questions or comments? Send Jack an e-mail.

Your Personality Discovered Right Now – The Survey Went Public TODAY

Your Personality Discovered Right Now – The Survey Went Public TODAY

Today, January 25, 2011, marks the birth of the Four Windows Personality Survey (4WPS) as a self-assessing tool. Just go to my website and take it yourself. Your results are delivered immediately on line. When you go to your email account, the results are accompanied by the most beautiful attachment: a 136-page book describe the four personality types.

Why take the survey? Find out how others probably see you. Stop approaching people in annoying ways, especially when you don’t realize you irritate folks from places you deem to be “good.” Share the results with people you care about — and especially with people you are in danger of losing.

Why is 4WPS better to take than many other such surveys? To begin with, 4WPS is the result of 2000 years of  trial and error in human relations. Better yet, the knowledge and skills to be applied are easily understood immediately by just about everyone. Scientists and bricklayers are equally comfortable with the awesome insights from the four personality types, each identified by a Color: Green, Orange, Blue, or Gold.

Check it out, folks. Go to




©2010 Tim Padilla and Jack Dermody


Sheriff Joe, Sheriff Joe

Where is Mama – do you know?

She went to work, you picked her up.

Where is Mama – do you know?

Breakfast today was bacon and eggs,

Dad proclaimed them the best he’d had –

He added all Mama did was grand – and

Mama bragged her boss was just as glad.


Checked my schoolwork and packed a lunch ;

Then ran to the bus after kissing me sweet,

Mama texted “Te quiero” like she always did,

Then wrote “Arrestada” on a Twitter Tweet.


©2010 Tim Padilla and Jack Dermody

Compatibility should be found in your first two Colors

Compatibility should be found in your first two Colors

I’ve met a lot of couples — happy and unhappy. I feel pretty safe in stating that the happier pairings are people who share at least one Color of their first two Colors in the Four Windows Color Spectrum. For example, a Gold-Blue married to an Orange-Blue share the harmony-seeking of their idealistic Blueness and, in fact, share even more because the “apparently opposite” Gold and Orange are not opposite when it comes speaking concretely to each other. Healthy and creative synergy should happen naturally for this couple.

However, compatibility can be harder to achieve when neither party shares a Color in the first two Colors of the spectrum. A Green-Gold paired with an Orange-Blue may find it exceedingly difficult to communicate easily. In this case, the serious task-oriented Green-Gold must try to interface every single day with the impetuous, constantly fun-loving Orange-Blue. The obvious “plus” for this relationship is a penchant for winning and for getting things done efficiently. Such a pair might run a small family business like a well-oiled machine, it would seem. If this relationship is on fire and is worked on carefully every day, the couple can surely brag that each partner “completes” the other — and how wonderful that must be.

Do you share a Color with your mate? How is that working out? Do you not share a Color? Tell me about your interaction.

Rational Thinking versus Hormones in the Movie Shall We Kiss

Rational Thinking versus Hormones in the Movie Shall We Kiss

For Green Rationals, there is a movie for you called Shall We Kiss – a French film that came out at the end of 2009. The three main characters display Rational temperaments – the husband is a pharmacist; the wife, a chemist; the wife’s lover, a math teacher.

The physical environment these folks provide for themselves is almost hysterically stereotypical. What could me more Green  than shelves filled with books and walls decorated with famous Rationals? The film’s background music is nearly exclusively classical, even for the love making. Decor is minimalist at best. The principal activity besides reading books – even in bed – is problem-solving dialogue.

The plot begins when the wife’s best guy friend asks her for some intimacy because he is lonely and needing affection. She obliges, not expecting that the kisses would lead to a passionate affair that has the lovers conclude that they should have been together from the beginning. What ensues is a highly structured but compassionate method of separating themselves from, respectively, a husband and a live-in girlfriend.

I don’t want to spoil the story, especially the side stories that accompany the main one. However, you the viewer get to see Rationals attempting to be, well, “rational” about an affair, about inevitable trouble that results, and the recognition that, yes, Greens have feelings too.

Sometimes I get the idea that many Rationals would rather not have to be in love – perhaps being more interested in a partnership for a more complete life rather than a hormonally activated and rather emotional relationship like that of gooey passionate couples of fiction and movies.

Keirsey temperament expert Stephen Montgomery has yet to complete and publish volume four of The Pygmalion Project – the last being a literary look at Rational temperament types in love and marriage. If the reason is a lack of literary sources, Mr. Montgomery, then perhaps you have found it in Shall We Kiss?

How To Guess Your Prospect’s Personality Type

How To Guess Your Prospect’s Personality Type

At lunch today my friend Dave said, “You know, you temperament gurus never tell us how to quickly assess the personality of our prospects.”

Well, I’m not one of those “other guys,” so I am revealing some hints to you below. As a disclaimer, however, I need to tell you that you might want to call me for some training so that you will have the competence to be an accurate and competent assessor of personality styles.

1. IDEALIST BLUES (15% of prospects)

a. Usually very approachable

b. Easy to talk to

c. Soft in their body language, relaxed

d. Friendly

e. Easy eye contact

f. Not usually wanting to get to bottom line

g. Welcoming small talk and social banter


2. GUARDIAN GOLDS (45% of prospects)

a. Usually very serious

b. Will want to process a single idea at length – longer than other Colors

c. Will ask many questions beginning with the word “but…”

d. Don’t like vagueness of any kind

e. Expect very concrete and clear answers

f. Very patient with details and will take as long as is required to get through them, and will demand that you be the same way

g. Don’t like a lot of surprises or too many alternatives fired at them at the same time


3. ARTISAN ORANGES (30% of prospects)

a. Usually don’t want to sit

b. Like to move around

c. Want bottom line immediately

d. May tell you exactly what they want from the outset

e. May tell you they want to decide quickly

f. Fierce negotiators, will fight for what they want


4. RATIONAL GREENS (10% of prospects)

a. Cool and calm, often emotionless

b. Will ask, “Who are you, what do you want, and how long will this take?”

c. Quickly want to see the research

d. Will turn off if you don’t have well researched answers

e. Can know more about the product than you do

f. Will turn off to emotional or subjective pitches.

Now the above lists are a down-and-dirty bird’s-eye view of assessing Colors. Here’s another secret: you will still find yourself in the right ballpark if you feel comfortable that you have guessed at least two dominant Colors. Speak to both Colors and watch your prospects’ interest rise in front of your eyes.

Also, sometimes you have zero time to make any assessments, so what to do? The answers is simple: Speak and write in all four colors. That is, cover the whole water front. Smarter yet, show up at the client’s venue with a team of folks representing the various Colors, then pass the ball to “personality type” who can best answer the questions coming at you. Pretty smart, huh?

I can promise. I can guarantee that once you get your ducks in a row with your Color-designed pitches, you will have fun, additional successful closes, and increased raving fans.