As Eunice Shriver leaves us, reflect on Sargent Shriver

As Eunice Shriver leaves us, reflect on Sargent Shriver

With the passing of Eunice Shriver, I’d like to comment on her Blue husband Sargent. He is still alive, by the way, but deep into Altzheimers.


Sargent Shriver is a super role-model for extraverted Blue-Orange folks. He did what most Blue people would find extremely difficult to emulate – be successful a la Donald Trump in the financial world. He singlehandedly doubled the financial empire of Joe Kennedy in Chicago then, amidst the Green and Orange uber-aura of the Kennedy family and administration, he jumped in to be the Green and Gold expert behind major choices in the Kennedy cabinet. The founding of the Peace Corps was entirely his doing – from the initial idea to painstakingly and patiently walking the corridors of Congress to get the bill passed.


One thing I have learned about all this temperament stuff is that one’s “core temperament” need not impede us from greatness – especially when we are willing to be Renaissance People with all of the learning, experience, courage, and discipline that that requires.

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6 thoughts on “As Eunice Shriver leaves us, reflect on Sargent Shriver

  1. Thank you for notifying me that EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER DAY is an annaul celebration of her life and a global call for people to commit actions of inclusion. Yes, acceptance and unity for and with people with intellectual disabilities is important to be continue to acknowledge.It is great that the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day has been created and continues to be celebrated to inspire new fans to experience her legacy and embrace the movement she founded in her backyard. What started as an inclusive sports camp in the early 1960s has blossomed into a worldwide movement transforming lives in over 170 countries.I can only get involved thru the Internet. I would like to receive more information. Do you have a chapter in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico?

    1. (2C)rom8ade,Good to know. I have not been there since the storm so I probably didn’t notice. Just took me by surprise is all.(29)Did I say I go to Stroud for gasoline?

    2. Wow. You lefties really got Glenn on this one. He did a corny commercial for a radio station, what like 20 years ago? And? Next you are going to say he did drugs and drank and chased woman etc….. oh yeah…… he already admitted all that. Hmmm now what? pathetic

    3. Oddly enough this is starting to happen to me now. All the Mums I knew through my 19 yr old NT dd are starting to drift away, I guess because they’ve ‘got their lives back’ and I haven’t. Perhaps they feel awkward around me. According to my dd, they all think I’m amazing but they would rather do that from a distance it seems x

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